Dic-tion-ary Po-em

[dik-shuh-ner-ee poh-uhm]

A poetic way to personalize the meanig of important words.

As in: Dictionary poems help you understand what a word means to YOU

As in: Dictionary poems have got an easy form

As in: Year 9 at GB wrote great dictionary poems!


(KUH-ROW-NUH)  noun


The name of a virus and a rare phenomenon you can see

during a sun eclipse. 

It also stands for a group of young and happy people

who want to do something (colloquial).


As in: Life changed a lot because of the Corona virus.

Everyone shall

stay in their houses for example

 and you cannot go to restaurants or to the gym 

because they have to close.


As in: The ring of light which is 

not covered by the moon during the sun eclipse

is called Corona.


As in: When my friends and I go to sports festival,

we are called Corona.






[kuh-roh-nuh] / kəˈroʊ nə /

A white or coloured circle of light seen around a shining body, especially around the sun or the moon.

A chandelier made of a metal having the form of one or more hoops, worn by a monarch.

A city in South East California.


As in: “Look at the beautiful full moon with it’s bright corona.”

As in: “ The queen is wearing a beautiful corona.”

As in: “ Our next travelling destination will be Corona.”





[KO-RO-NA] noun

A word with many meanings,

probably the best known is

the short name of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

However, there is still a mexican beer

and some car manufactures

and brands that are called Corona.

Also a saint was called Corona.

As in: The virus, which is the reason why people die,

get sick and drives others crazy,

making them fight for toilet paper and noodles.

As in: The name of a saint, who was responsible

for money and treasures in the second century.

As in: The name of a german -, and a frensh car manufracturer,

a british-, and an american car brand

and a japanese car model.







(Korona) Noun


A band, that sang the song „ The rythym of the night.“, A virus, wich is dangerous for old people or poeple with lung diseases and a beer made in mexico, wich is famous all over the world.

As in: It is a beer, wich is the beer, that most americans drink


As in: It is a band founded in Italy, which had a one hit wonder called „The Rythem of the night“ in 1994.


As in: It is a virus spread all over the world and the reason, why this poem here is released








the word with different meanings


As in :

the dangerous virus which is topic #1 

all over the world.

The virus that makes people sick.

The virus that makes people stay at home

to avoid infecting other people.

The virus that forces people to fight against eachother

for toiletpaper and soap.

The virus that already infected 97.500+ people


The virus that killed 7.330+ people


In less than three months.


As in :

the United States.

Yo can visit a place called 

"Corona" in:


      -New Mexico

      -South Dakota

      -New York




As in :

the Greek and Roman antiquity

where you got a

wreath of flowers made

of metal

for cultic purposes as an award.


At least,

to take all with a bit humor,

there`s a Corona 

you can drink.






[kəˈrəʊnə] noun


A word with a lot of meanings

but mostly used to refer to

the virus: COVID-19.


As in: the Corona virus is infecting more and more people

all around the globe and is forcing people to stay

at home and doctors to work overtime.


As in: a mexican beer brand: Corona Extra which is the best-selling

beer in Mexico.


As in: places and cities around the USA are called Corona. Such as:

Corona (California), city in Riverside County, Corona (New Mexico), place

in Lincoln County, Corona (South Dakota), place in Roberts County.









A new, dangerous virus, that is spreading rapidly around the world and everybody is talking about.


As in: A circle of light that can sometimes be seen around the moon at night, or around the sun during an eclipse.


As in: A pale lager produced in Mexico which is one of the top-selling beers worldwide.


As in: A crown or garland bestowed among the Romans as a reward for distinguished services.





co·ro·na noun


Corona is latin and means crown

It has several meanings

The main meaning is a disease from China

It’s the general word for the SARS-CoV-2 virus


Corona iscurrently spreading through Europe

It has already set off serious consequences

For the people in Europe

In some countries people aren’t allowed to leave their house


Corona is a Mexican beer, which is sold in the whole world

Achille Corona was an Italian politician

Jesús Corona is a Mexican goalkeeper

Alessandro Corona is a successful Italian rower


There are several meanings for Corona it isn’t only

The virus, which makes the people

Buy huge amounts of







A word many people are talking about.                                                                                                       You get problems with your lungs                                                                                                          or just a cold like with every virus.                                                                                                       But there is also another thing.                                                                                                                      A beer.

As in: When you get infected                                                                                                                   you can die.                                                                                                                                           But the statistics say                                                                                                                                this is only happening when                                                                                                                  you are in a risk group.

As in: When you are in a risk group                                                                                                        the virus makes you sick,                                                                                                                    so you have problems to breath.

As in: When you drink much of it                                                                                                     you get a headache                                                                                                                              and when it is too much                                                                                                                   you have to go to the hospital.






[Koróna] noun

A virus thar was discovered 2019 in Wuhan (China).


Corona Extra: A Mexican beer brand.


A term for a crown in the ancient.

As in: A virus which shuts down the world.

           A virus which causes that I stay home

           instead of going to school or on vacation.

As in: A beer brand which became more popular

           because of the virus.

As in: There are many meanings of Corona we did not know about.

           Right now, it is all about the virus CORONA.






Noun [/kəˈrəʊ.nə/]


Its not only a virus

It´s a problem

And a challenge

For everybody:

When you go in a edeka

You see a group of guys

They run with bloody eyes

Through the store with the advice

Don´t buy so much

Only a bit and you´ll be fine

But the people they don´t care

It´s like a gladiator fight

The winner gets the price

Of two packs toilette paper and rice

And I think: This is not serious

It´s not a good time

To build a tower of food

This is not very nice

When you need much food for a family of five

It´s okay but when you seriously only have a husband or a wife

Then please better help the older people

Because they need help in this hard times


Thanks to the readers of this poem

I hope you had much fun by reading my lines

I did my best and for everybody:

Stay healthy and fine






[Koh-roh-nah] noun


A noun, that makes everybody nervous.

When someone talks about it,

We only think about the virus.

It kills people and gives us anxiety.


As in: There isn’t only the virus named Corona.

There are also labels, magazines etc. called Corona.


Corona as the virus reached literally every country.

Shops are closed and we should stay at home to reduce the speed of infections.

As in: The word Corona is from Latin and means crown.

The virus looks like a crown, so that’s how it got it’s name.


As in: There are also cities called Corona.

In California for example,

Or a district in New York.


You can say the most well known Corona is the virus

and the whole wold talks about it.






[Ko´rona] Noun


A rapidly spreading, dangerous virus, which is chanching our live now


As in: A light circle that can be seen around the moon or around the sun during an eclipse.


As in: A top-selling beer worldwide, which get now massive attention


As in: oval surface structures of celestial bodies that are not a Impact crater


I hope you have a nice and healty week!






[kərō'nə, kəˈɹoʊnə] noun

A virus,

a beer,

a magazine,

a band,

a feminin name,

Corona means these above mentioned nouns,

meaning ''crown'' or ''wreath''.


As in: Certainly in our world, there is a Corona Virus,

starting in China,

spreading over many countries,

even in Germany

where I live.


As in: I've never drinked a beer in my life

but I wonder

if the Corona beer

which is a mexican brand

tastes very differently to other beers.


As in: I'm glad

that my name isn't Corona,

although I'm very sorry

to every girl who is made fun by everyone

because it's their name.






[KE-ROW-NE] noun

A virus which is also called  "Covid-19" can causes diseases like pneumonia or fever 

A luminous circle that surrounds heavenly bodies like the sun

A first name of a girl

A crownlike artery which gives important nutrients to the heart

A latin word that means crown 

A city in America 


As in: the coronavirus spreads around like a wildfire

Eveyerbody panics:

Oh god, I need tons of disinfectant and toilet paper 

Stay calm and don't go out 

Like Merkel says 

Wash your hands and don’t meet friends

Many people died and cried

Many stores and schools closed their doors

Many people act like hamsters 

Are they pranksters?

Nobody needs tons of sugar

The supermarkets and streets are clean

People were have you been?

Oh, I remember 

We’re in quarantine 

Is there a vaccine, RKI ?(Robert-Koch-Institute)

We need medicine

The hospitals will be filled 

And then we won't be chilled


As in: my friend Corona from next door

Doesn’t even want to enter the floor

'cause everyone is like

Corona, you have Corona, go away

Everyday she sees her name on the breaking news 

Yeah, I’m fame

In fact she lives in Corona, USA

That's not funny either

'cause everyone is like

Corona, from Corona, you have Corona, go away 

It’s not okay


As in: the corona is normally invisible

But when a solar eclipse happens

You finally see her spectacular looking 






You say it is coronatime?

We hope we all stay fine.

The whole world is in qurantine,

because the virus is very mean.


Everyone stays at home

and only talks to each other on phone.

The situation was never that bad before,

noone want Corona anymore.


The schools are closed,

because Corona was diagnosed!







Corona is not only a virus

Corona is more than that

Corona makes some people sick and others are worried about, but for many it is safe.

As in:

The Coroavirus was first transmitted to humans in China. It is mostly passed on through spit. Corona viruses have also been found in some pipi, but whether this can be passed on is still unknown. Those who are sick notice this, for example, through a fever, cough or a headache.

As in:

You help yourself, and others, by letting things such as shake hands or build a distance of one to three meters.

As in:

The correct name for Corona is "Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2". Often, people get Covid-19 before, but not only severe pneumonia can be fatal. Only twenty percent of those infected have viruses in their lungs. Especially people like smokers, pregnant women or with other diseases have a greater risk of getting sick. They belong to the risk groups mentioned.






Noun [kəˈrōnə]

It´s a virus, which is actually a big problem for many countries around the world.

As in it´s the name of the tooth, which feels like a spanish king.

As in it´s the circle in many religions, which hovers above the head of people, who have faith as their life spring.

As in it´s the circle around planets. Not many have it but if you buy a Smartphone in an electronic store, you will be smarter which planet is one of this special sort.






[Ko‘rona] Noun

A new, dangerous virus, which comes from China in 2019

As in: A circle of light that revolves around the moon and the sun.

As in: A very famous beer that everyone in the world talks about.

As in: A villain in a series that everyone is afraid of.






[Ko-roh-nah] noun


A virus that causes

Covid-19 which is a dangerous lung disease.


A Mexican beer which is one

of the most sold ones in Mexico.


The Spanish word for “crown “.


As in: Many people have been infected

with the coronavirus and many people

 died but some of them recovered.


As in: I've heard many jokes about

the coronavirus and some

of them where about Corona Extra,

e.g. “If I drink Corona Extra

would I have extra Corona or would

I have no Corona at all because it can be killed

 by alcohol? “


As in: Spanish people talk about crowns

if they mention “coronas “. They

have to be very specific or there would be

misunderstandings like “Many people were killed by

crowns this year!“






[kə-rəʊ-nə] noun

[   ]

It’s a virus

that spreads around the world.

It also can be the outermost part

of the atmosphere of a star.

Thirdly, it is a pale lager

produced in Mexico.


As in: As the result of the corona virus

lots of students

don’t have to go to school

and have to avoid social contacts.


As in: The sun’s corona is much hotter

than the visible surface of the sun.

Only during a total solar eclipse,

it can be seen by the naked eye.


As in: In the United States,

“Corona extra” beer is the top selling imported beer.

It’s enjoyed

With a slice of melon.






 [Coróna] noun


Coronaviruses are a large family

of viruses that cause illness.

Not dangerous for health, young people

But for old or sick people.

It’s all over the world

and it spreads faster than rumors.

People go crazy

and that changes our live.


As in: when you walk through the supermarket

the shelfs are empty.

No food especially bread and flour

no toilet paper

and no soap or sanitizers.


No matter where you go

there aren’t many people.

As in: the streets are empty,

the parks are empy,

the shops are empty,

places which are normally crowed:



As in: schools are closed

shopping centres are closed

restaurants are closed

students have to study at home

people have to shop online

and many people loose their job.


As in: we would be in a war.

Soon people won’t be allowed

to go outside anymore

when they do

they have to pay a lot.






[kO/rO/nA] noun


It`s a dangerous virus from China,

and I call it Reiner.


As in: All the others say Corona,

         and it has already reached Barcelona.


As in: Corona is also a beer,

            Germans say "Kein Bier vor vier"

          but Corona is already here.


As in: A lot of people are afraid,

          and I would like to get paid,

          for this nice text,

          and now you can read the next.





[Ko-ro-na] noun


 it's not as dangerous as Ebola

and I'm talking about Corona


As in: the toilet paper is running out

          and my Dad don´t want that I go out


As in: we stay at home

          we stare at the Smartphone



As in: thats why we all get fat

          and the earth is still flat





Dictionary poem “corona”

Covid-19 aka:corona is a virus who destroy the body and appear the same the symptoms like the influenza.

As in: the body shows the same effects on the body

As in: a relation of a girl in my class has corona

As in: because of this virus my parents become very scary






[Ko-ro-na] noun


An dangerous Virus,

which is restricting 

our life with other people now.


As in: Corona is not only

a virus, because it got 

different meanings.


As in: Corona is an

Mexican beer which

is getting famous because

the virus.


As in: Corona was also

an old automobile brand

from the USA, which is

no more existing.






[Kuh•roh•nuh] noun


A noun with different definitions for example a virus or a band.


As in: If you drink too much of mexican beer Corona you get out of hand.


As in: I am fed up that I have to stay a long time at home and the economy collapse because of the Coronavirus.


As in: It's fact that there are many cities called Corona like,

Corona in California,

Corona in New Mexico

and Corona in South Dakota.


As in: Maybe your family name is Corona but if you want to have this name in this situation?






[Ko'rona] Noun


A really bad virus, with many consequences,

which rules the whole world right now.


As in: A very known beer, which is

         the most sold beer in mexico


As in: A wreath around the sun, which 

         you can see during a solar eclipse

As in: A country in California.
         Right now it might not be nice

         to live there, in a city

         with the name of such a

         bad disease.






What was usually known as a beer,

is now known as a virus here.

It's a really bad disease,

and before, we didn't know one of these.

Now all of us do not have school

and I promise you- that's not cool.

We have a lot homework to do,

and I really can't see trough.

All day I have to stay at home, 

sometimes I feel really alone.

We are not allowed to meet our grandparents, 

instead of that we can make them presents.

Those we have to send by post,

this is the only way for most.

I would love to see all my friends,

give them a hug or go out for a dance.

Corona affects people in every country now,

we all have to learn to deal with it somehow.  


For a short explanation- the virus name

comes from the solar eclips wreathlike frame.






[kəˈrəʊ.nə] noun 


it‘s not only a virus.

The word 

has much more meanings.


As in: The Virus made 200000+ people sick

and grow so quick,

but also 80000+ of them have recovered

and 8000+ died


As in: A circle of light 

that can sometimes be seen 

around the moon at night, 

or around the sun during an eclipse


As in: A beer Brand,

brewed by Grupo Modelo,

is one of the best-selling beers 

and The Name is Corona extra








Corona is a virus 


occupies the whole world 

at the moment

the first cases were in China


it‘s not only a bad thing


As in: the label of a mexican beer : Corona Extra

As in: only one package toilet paper each person

As in: don‘t shake my hand shake my elbow 






/Coróna, Koróna/


People fear, 

because of a bear?

Named Corona.

No, it’s a virus from China,

infecting boys and girls like Toni and Tina, 

leading to fever, cough and pain,

no matter if the sun is shining or in rain,

elder people have mortal fear and are in danger,

no matter if you are officer or a ranger,

but also younger ones are affected and sometimes sick,

no longer allowed to have a picknick.

You have to stay home,

no group formations but be alone,

Of course you can drink a beer, also a Corona with Gray,

but wash your hands and stay away.

Is this the end?






 Ko-rō-nè] noun

A terrible virus

infecting thousands of people

around the globe

right now

As in: the mexican beer

that is called corona

As in: the corona aura of plasma

surrounding the sun

and other stars

that can be seen 

during an eclipse

As in: the itallian Dance-Band „Corona“

founded in 1993







COVID-19  is the virus name

and corona means crown.

People and animals have a body part

that resembles a crown.


As in: CO stands for Corona

which means crown in latin

VI stand for Virus

D stands for Disease

19 stands for 2019

which is the year

the virus was first found.


As in: My mom sprays

disinfectant on me

because she is scared


As in: Many people are

in quarantine

and scared of the disease.


As in: There is a beer brand

that is also called "Corona"

and people joke about it

all the time.


As in: in Astronomy

Corona is

a rare gaseous envelope

of the sun and other stars.


As in: There are

many other meanings

but if i write them

this poem will be boring






[Ko‘rona] Noun
A dangerous virus which came from China in 2019. It is the reason why the world is changing right now.

As in: a Mexican beer brand.
Or an Italian dance band. 

As in: the name of two automobile brands.
One is British, the other one is American.

The fact is, Corona has many meanings. But the one, that is most important to us right now, is the corona virus. It prevents us from going outside because it is killing people and overcrowds hospitals.


Corona season


Covered faces

Covered hands

Who’s who

How can I tell