Die Schüler des bilingualen Zweiges fahren zu Beginn der Jahrgangsstufe 8 für eine Woche nach Großbritannien. In der Vergangenheit sind wir häufig nach Cardiff in Wales gefahren, wo wir zahlreiche Orte besichtigt haben, die den Schülern aus unserem Unterrichtslehrwerk bereits bekannt waren. So z. B. Caerphilly Castle, die Brecon Mountain Railway mit einer Fahrt in den National Park, das Besucherbergwerk The Big Pit, das Millennium Stadium, …
Seit einigen Jahren fahren wir nun häufiger nach Südengland, so z. B. nach Eastbourne oder Whitstable, von wo aus wir die Küste erkunden, einen Tag in London verbringen (inkl. Bootsfahrt auf der Themse und einem City Walk an allen wichtigen Sehenswürdigkeiten vorbei) und die englische Geschichte durch Besuche von verschiedenen Burgen (Dover, Hastings, …) lebendig werden lassen. Die Schülerinnen und Schüler sind zu zweit oder dritt in Familien untergebracht und werden dort auch morgens und abends verpflegt.
Über Details zur Fahrt werden Sie und Ihre Kinder dann in Klasse 7 von Herrn Olbrich an einem Elternabend umfassend informiert.
Einige Eindrücke über Fahrten in den vergangenen Jahren erhalten sie hier:

Bexhill 2018

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Westgate 2017

8d's trip to England

After a seven hour-long bus ride, which included the crossing of The English Channel on a ferry, we arrived at out destination – the cosy town of Westgate-on-Sea in Kent.
That night we settled in with our host families and got to know them during a meal they prepared fpr us. We then went to bed to rest for the upcoming trip to canterbury.
Canterbury was less than an hour of driving away from Westgate and we had the whole day before us to explore its wonders. First thing we did in this historic town was a treasure hunt. In ninety minutes, we tried to complete a quiz which consisted of 24 questions varying from the year of Christopher Marlowe's birth to the cringeworth and terryfying story of the ducking stool and witch trials. The winners were awarded a symbolic prize on oir way back to Mülheim. During this treasure hunt, we managed to see many sights of Canterbury, but the main attractions were yet to come. That being said, ournext stop was the nearly millennium old Canterbury Cathedral, built in the year 1070. We spent an hour listening to the stories linked to it and exploring every corner. A boat ride down the River Stour was to follow. There, the pleasant tour guides told us about everything that was going on in Canterbury, from the time of the Romans, up to this day. We even managed to catch a good glimpse of the King's college, were a scene of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' was filmed. Before returning to Westgate, we went for a walk down the coast in Broadstairs.
The next day was the day we were all looking forward to the most. We went to London.
London's wonders cannot fit on one page, and, unfortunately, they didn't fit into one day either. But we did so many wonderful things. Beside exploring Greenwich and Westminister and their historic sights (and the zero meridian!), we got to shop at Covent Garden and we got to drive down the Thames, as well as with the Underground. Buckingham Palace was, of course, a must.
In order to relax from the crowded streets and busy traffic of the big city, we went for a hike on the White Cliffs of Dover. We got to see Dover Castle and the Underground Hospital, too. In the Underground Hospital, we felt like we traveled back in time to the 1940s.
It was time to say goodbye to England the very next day. We cought a ferry in the port of Dover, travelled for two hours and then continued our ride back to Mülheim. We were back in our town by eight o'clock. We brought back gifts and souvenirs, but more importantly, we brought back memories.

Whitstable 2016

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Eastbourne 2015

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Sightseeing in Wales

In year eight every bilingual class is traveling to Wales. I looked forward to it for a long time, and I was totally excited when the day came.
From my point of view 5 o’ clock is definitely too early to be at school, but well… So at quarter past five, we drove out of Mülheim, leaving Germany behind us after about an hour. We drove through the Netherlands, Belgium and then through France.
There we went on a ferry at about half past eleven, crossing the English Channel in two hours. The crossing was nice for me because I like being on or at the sea.
As we arrived in Great Britain, the first thing we all saw was Dover Castle at the white cliffs. From there we drove on, passing by London, and visited Windsor Castle. We couldnt go into it, which was a pity.
Driving on, we crossed the Severn Bridge, at the end of it there was this sign:Welcome to Wales/Croeso i Gymru. On every sign we saw from then on there was a translation to Welsh on it.
Now there wasntanything interesting left on our travel on this day.
In the evening we arrived at our hostel, called NosDa, in Cardiff. It is located at the river Taff opposite of the Millennium Stadium. The interior was simple and practical. We nearly immediately went to bed as we had carried our package inside.
The next days were filled with sightseeing and hiking around Cardiff. On Tuesday we walked through the Brecon Beacons National Park, climbing over rocks and crossing marshlands. The highlight this day was the walk behind the waterfall. It was just a few metres to walk behind it, but it was great.
On Wednesday, it was very rainy and wet. First we had planned to do a tour with the Brecon Mountain Railway, but it wasnt possible. So we went into the Big Pit, a coal mine. We separated into two groups and walked through it. Later, we had the opportunity to go shopping in the city centre.
Time went by very fast, and soon it was Thursday, our last day in Wales. We drove with the Mountain Railway on this day. It was a steam engine, so we didn’t really see much of the mountains because of the steam coming out of the locomotive at the front.
After this, some of us visited Millennium Stadium, the others went shopping again. I was at the stadium group, and it was really cool. We saw the rooms where all the players are before the game starts, we walked along the corridor all the teams walk along when they come out on the field and we were at the highest row of seats. From there, we went into a luxury lounge, and we were even able to sit where the Royals sit when there are important matches in the Stadium.
In nearly no time our time in Wales was over and it was Friday. We went out early, cleaned our rooms, put our package in the bus, ate breakfast and climbed our seats in the bus. You already know about the bus trip, so I don’t need to tell you much, right?
Well, we arrived late in Mülheim, at about 10 oclock in the evening, where our parents were waiting for us. Its not what somebody in our age would say, but I bet everybody missed home and our parents, so everybody was happy to be back here again.
All in all I would definitely say “Thank you” to our teachers Mrs Heemels and Mr Olbrich, who organized the trip and travelled to Wales with us.